Since 2005, Quick Turn Merchandising (QTM) has provided creative in-store visual merchandising and display solutions for lawn and garden retailers and manufacturers. Our teams provide weekly continuity coverage with emphasis on seasonal support, planogram maintenance, point of purchase placement and product rotation.

QTM has served as a premier live nursery service provider for one of the largest home improvement retailers in the nation. We currently provide services in Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas and New Mexico. Our core team is comprised of approximately 100 full-time field supervisors, recruiters and managers. During our peak spring garden center season we rapidly flex to more than 800 field merchandisers.

Quick Turn Merchandising service program helps increase sales of live nursery product, and consecutively their supplying vendors, through our reputable merchandising standards.

We envision a promising future combining our industry experience with the latest technologies to provide our clients the best possible services.

Our merchandising services include:

  • Live Goods Merchandising
  • Planogram Development
  • Planogram Maintenance
  • Product Rotation
  • Customer Display Set–Up
  • Customer Service
  • POP Signage
  • Re–Pricing/Labeling
  • Culling Distressed Product
  • Surveys Execution
  • Product Cycle Counts
  • Fixture Inventory

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